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About Therapy

I respect that for many people, the decision to engage in counseling is not always an easy one.  Even if you’re someone who’s eager to get started, the therapy process over time is dynamic and can have challenging moments.  Thank you for taking a step on the path of healing by considering therapy for yourself or your family.


I primarily work with teens and adults individually.  My particular areas of interest and experience include: persistent and acute anxiety; gender identity exploration and transition; grief and loss; adjusting to significant life changes; impacts of coping with systematic oppressions; depression; and gaming or screen usage difficulties.  


Foundations of my therapeutic approach include existential, Gestalt, and emotion-focused principles.  Depending on a youth’s age, needs, and developmental level, I will draw on interventions from play and art therapies, Collaborative Problem Solving, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy; though I believe adolescents and adults can benefit from--and even enjoy--creative and expressive approaches too.  Whatever specifically brought you or your family to therapy, we will collaborate on your goals and the paths you traverse to reach them.


What I don’t do because it is outside the scope of my training and practice:

  • Parenting/caregiver evaluations

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Statements to a court on parental skill/mental health

  • Mediation of any kind

  • Custody determinations

  • Provide guidance on divorce settlements and parental visitation

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